Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is Organic Cotton? How is it Different from Conventional Cotton?
Organic cotton is, like all other organic fibers, grown without the use of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton is also manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals.
This is great news for the sensitive skin of babies everywhere.
Why organic products are more expensive than other products ?
Certified organic products are generally more expensive than their conventional counterparts (for which prices have been declining) for a number of reasons:
Organic cotton supply is limited as compared to demand;
Production costs for organic products are typically higher because of greater labour inputs per unit of output and because greater diversity of enterprises means economies of scale cannot be achieved;
Post-harvest handling of relatively small quantities of organic products results in higher costs because of the mandatory segregation of organic and conventional produce, especially for processing and transportation;
Marketing and the distribution chain for organic products is relatively inefficient and costs are higher because of relatively small volumes.